The Run Michigan Right Fund (RMRF) is dedicated to safeguarding fundamental liberties and upholding principles of good governance, ethics, and transparency in our state government. Our mission is committed to fostering a political landscape characterized by ethical conduct, accountability, and transparency in all governmental operations.

In pursuit of our founders’ visionary ideals, we recognize that a prosperous and just society relies on adhering to these core values. Michigan has faced transparency challenges for decades, particularly in the State legislature. We are actively engaging with candidates in the upcoming August 6 primary elections to ensure their commitment to enhancing transparency and accountability through strategic modifications to existing house rules, transcending party lines.

By championing these principles and engaging in dialogue with candidates, the Run Michigan Right Fund aims to elevate governance standards and uphold democratic ideals upon which our nation was founded.

A critical issue lies in Michigan’s House of Representatives’ current rules, which lack transparency and efficacy in lawmaking for the people. These rules concentrate power at the top of the hierarchy, favoring the House Speaker or Senate Majority Leader.  We plan to change this practice.

We promise to engage statewide with members of both parties to promote collaboration on common-sense government. We promise to enhance transparency, ethics, and the rule of law, as this is something that should be supported by voters across party lines.

To inform Michigan voters about candidates’ objectives for the August election, we are sending out a survey outlining necessary changes to House rules. These changes aim to empower individuals to work transparently and honorably for the people. Candidates will be asked if they support these changes and are willing to sponsor them in their first term beginning in 2025.

You can review the proposed rules in the link provided below. We encourage activists from all sides and areas of Michigan to engage with candidates on these important reforms that could significantly impact how laws are drafted in the state.