State Sen. Runestad files for re-election to Michigan’s new 23rd Senate District

White Lake, Oakland County – State Sen. Jim Runstead announced today he has filed as a Republican for re-election to Michigan’s new 23rd Senate District seat which is composed of White Lake, Clarkston, Highland, Waterford, Milford, Commerce, Wixom, New Hudson, Lyon and South Lyon.

Runestad, who has been consistently ranked as one of the top conservative members of the Michigan Senate, vowed that he will serve the state’s new 23rd Senate District with the same integrity and focus as he has served his current 15th Senate District. The new district, which was the outcome of Michigan’s Independent Redistricting Commission, is largely composed of the same core district.

“In my first term as a state senator, I was pleased to see many of my bills signed into law to advance protections of our inalienable rights, including my constitutional amendment, with over 80% voter approval, to protect our electronic property rights from search and seizure without a warrant; and this was the first constitutional amendment passed into law by a regular Senate member in over forty years,” Runestad said. “My focus will continue to be on individual rights and liberties, championing parental rights in education, election integrity, and reducing the heavy burden of over-taxation on Michigan families.”
Runestad has worked on key legislation to protect individual and family choices with regard to health, safety and the welfare of their children in schools. The language he championed in the state budget resulted in multiple counties dropping their county-wide mask mandates. He has also sponsored legislation which was vetoed by the governor to restrict mandates and is currently working on a parental rights bill package with the chair of the Senate Committee on Education and Career Readiness.

“The governor has continued to veto every reasonable measure we’ve sent to her to safeguard our liberties from government overreach, along with reasonable measures to restore confidence in our elections and rectify irregularities,” Runestad said. “With a statewide poll showing that 79% of Michigan voters support IDs to vote, she vetoed our bill to rectify this ID loophole, along with legislation to clean up Michigan’s voter registry. Electing conservative leaders who are working for the people, not against the people, has never been more important.”

Runestad is currently uncontested in the primary election, as no other candidate has filed. If elected in the General Election on Nov. 8, he would represent Michigan’s new 23rd Senate District in Oakland County.